PTPTN Giveaway 20 smartphones and 20% discounts

Do you know that if you make payment to your PTPTN, than you get a chance to win iPHONE X & HUAWEI P10? Is that true? Yes it is...

According to PTPTN instagram account (@instaptptn), as token of appreciation to PTPTN user, PTPTN wants to give 20 smartphone in conjuction with the 20th PTPTN anniversary! Not only that, also there is an offer discounts up to 20% to be won!

Hmm.. It sounds ike all in number 20... (20 anniversary, 20 smartphone, 20%discount)

How to win this?
You just need to pay your PTPTN min RM1000 starting from 1 December - 31 December.
Every RM1000 that you pay, you will be entitled for one point/draw.

How to pay?
Easily you can pay online in or you can go to PTPTN counter that located near your location.

So, what you are waiting for? Grab this chance...

For more info, please refer to poster below!

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