5 Tips to Save Your Finance

1. Record Your Transaction
You need to record the transaction that you made daily, weekly, and monthly. THe most important one is your expenses. Keep track of all of it. After recording that, than you need to categorize them all for easy to read record.

2. Make a budget
Than, from the first step you can make a good budget. Plan on how much you spend in a week, a month? And where this budget goes to?

3. Saving is habit
Saving means save. You need to save your money. It doesnt necessary ith the big amount,. ut you need to always do that and make it as your habit.

4. Prioritize your expense
You need to know which ne is important, and which one is not important. You need to ignore and eliminate unimportant things.

5. Be consistent
Many people fail to save their money because they can do saving consistently. So, make sure you can make it consistently, not just for few days.

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Saving money begins from NOW, from YOURSELF!

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