how to use/make auto invite friends to facebook group begin with, Here I will show you the way how to use/make auto invite friends to facebook group. This tutorial is very simple and it is easy to follow.

In this last two days, my Facebook account was invited by someone to join many groups. Then, when I'm looking for the method, in the end, I get it how to auto invite friends, so all of our friends will join automatically to the group without tagging/writting their names one by one.

These are the method (select and choose which browser you want to use and follow its steps):

A. Using Mozilla Firefox
1. open ur grup
2. click (Ctrl + shift + k)
3. enter these codes

4. Click enter, wait n enjoy

B. Using Google Chrome
1. Right click on your mouse
2. Choose/click Inspect Page and choose/click console
3. Then, fill out with these codes below!

4. Click Enter wait, n enjoy!

So, that's all about the method how to use/make auto invite/add friends to join the group on facebook. I hope you know what are you doing! :) Have a nice day!

If You have any question, please feel free to ask and contact us using contact form or using comment box below. Thank you and I hope it could help you...

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