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about insurance and loansMySCW Blog is a personal blog that developed to share anything about Insurance, Loans, Mortgage, and more related topic. This blog developed and shared by @lighters20, and do not have a relation and link to any insurance company. The goal of creating this blog is to help and share anything that related to loans and insurances.

The name of this blog,  MySCW Blog created due to its simple word which only stand from five words, which are M, Y, S, C, and W. This name does not have any relation with other companies or product. It is name and URL is satnd alone as if created from the first time in this blog.

Generally, this blog will contain many great information, news, and tips about Loans and Insurance. As we know that Insurance and Loans has a significant number in the nowadays.So, we are come to write and share anything that related to Insurance.

However, we also provide other tips and information about internet, since we know that we can use this internet media to improve and develop any insurance activities. We are here to help and serve you about these things (Internet and Insurance).

The content of this blog (MySCW) discussed and limited to the insurance loans, and related topic. In more detail, this blog included:
  • Vehicle Insurance
  • Insurance Info
  • Loan
  • Insurance Tips
  • Mortgage
  • Life Insurance
  • Auto Insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • Internet
  • More

By creating this blog, we hope that it can be benefit for me personally, and for the visitor. This blog developed for us, so feel free to share anything including tips, critic, suggestion, or question to make this blog better and better in the future. My SCW, your happy is our happy! Thank you...


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